Use These 10 Reading Material Ideas for Brain Health and Fitness

When it comes to keeping your mind youthful and brain healthy, reading is a great pastime for people of all ages. Reading has been found to improve your memory, enhance empathy, increase your brain power. It has also been found to help you be more open-minded and creative. Though one of the keys to longevity is an active lifestyle, rest and relaxation are an important part of that lifestyle. But instead of watching a couple of hours of television at the end of the day, try picking up a book. Your brain will thank you for the challenge of learning something new. Reading has also been linked to

By learning novel concepts and ideas from reading, your brain will start to make connections and see these concepts in everyday life. For example, read a book on architecture and you will look at buildings differently. Whether you’re an avid reader who’s just stuck in a rut or you’re trying to pick up a reading habit, here are some great ideas for good reading material to keep your brain active.


Biographies can give you a whole new perspective not only on events that encompass the subject’s life but also on how people think and react to the events around them. Too often we hear about famous people through the media or about historical figures through textbooks.

It can be easy to forget that behind all the glamour and politics there are real people with fears, ambitions, hopes, and dreams. Choose someone who interests you and read their biography—you’ll likely never think of them the same way again.


History can be utterly fascinating. Choose an era that appeals to you and dive in. Your brain will get a workout remembering events, people, and times. You will start to see links. Some of the most interesting history books trace a single idea, product, or trend. Learn how salt shaped nations, how disease and illness ended empires, and how cultures interrelate.


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