Top 10 Vintage Cleaning Hacks That are Still Brilliant Today

Even for avowed neatniks, cleaning the house can feel like a thankless task. The good news? There are tons of easy ways to spruce up your space without a major investment of time—and some of them have been around for decades. When it comes to cleaning hacks still best. Here’s some of the best tried-and-true vintage cleaning hacks we’re still using today.

Grab Some Vinegar


Skip the expensive store-bought surface cleaners and make a homemade cleaning solution using vinegar. Just mix one part distilled white vinegar, two parts water and a squeeze of lemon juice. This homemade cleaner works in the kitchen, bathroom and on floors. You can add a little baking soda to help whiten grout and sinks, just rinse with water after scrubbing.

Work Top to Bottom

clean ceiling fan

Here’s an age-old cleaning hack: Work top to bottom. This is especially true when fighting dust since (thanks to gravity) it falls downward. Start dusting up high, such as with ceiling fans, and work down to table surfaces and then do the floor last. Fight household dust with these helpful tips.


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