Top 10 tools for working with big data for successful analytics developers

4. Bokeh

Similarly to Plotly, this tool is also great for creating easy and informative visualizations. It is used for big data analytics experts to easily and quickly create interactive data applications, dashboards, and plots. Check out the gallery of the example works that were done with Bokeh using the big data. Many experts also say Bokeh is the most advanced visual data representation tool.

5. Neo4j

The official website of the tool claims that it is the world’s leading graph database. Indeed, it is, because it takes the big data business to the next level: it helps to work with the connections between them. The connections between the data drive modern intelligent applications, and Neo4j is the tool that transforms these connections to gain competitive advantage. If you are looking for additional information about how you can gain a competitive advantage of utilizing a graph database, check out this white paper.

6. Cloudera

Businesses today use this tool for creating a data repository that can be accessed by all corporate users that need the data for different purposes. It was developed in 2008 and still is the most popular provider and supporter of Apache Hadoop. This combination is known to transform businesses and reducing business risks in order to give them a competitive advantage.

7. OpenRefine

Need to explore voluminous data sets with ease? This tool allows the businesses to prepare everything for the data analysis. Simply saying, OpenRefine will help to organize the data in the database that was nothing but a mess. As the result, the users can begin to process the data with the computer.

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