Top 10 Smart Home Gadgets That Will Help Keep Your Home Safe And Secure

It used to be that, unless you were some big time Hollywood hotshot or a trader on Wall Street, paying someone to protect your home really wasn’t an affordable option. But these days finding a good security guard is as easy as going to your local electronics retailer’s smart home section.

That being said, the good news for both your home and your wallet is that there are literally dozens of affordable smart devices that can keep you and your house safe while you’re away.

Tracking down which of these electronic watch dogs is worth buying can be tricky but we’ve done some sleuthing of our own and found at least 10 gadgets that will keep your home safe and secure.

But look, before we start it’s worth saying explicitly that we don’t think your house is unsafe and that you should buy into this weirdly perpetuated culture of fear. Likely, your house would be fine with or without these things.

Still, there’s something to be said for security and peace of mind no matter the circumstance so it’s for that reason we’ve assembled this list.

1. LG Smart Security Solution

Kicking off our list is the LG Smart Security Solution that’s powered by ADT Home Security. While other gadgets on this list only perform one task at a time, LG’s security solution is a camera, motion tracker, microphone and speaker all-in-one. Setting up the camera takes a matter of minutes, and simply involves downloading an app from the app store. Wall mounting it would take a bit longer than placing it on a shelf in good view of your front door, but by and large it’s one of the easier setups on the list.

The only downside? While you can watch a live view of your camera’s feed from the app for free, you’ll need to subscribe to ADT in order to store and retrieve video. ADT charges $9.99 per month to keep the last seven days of footage or $29.99 for the last 30 days.


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