Top 10 Heart-Healthy Solutions: Eliminate Unhealthy Ingredients

2. Cheese

Low-fat cheese offers a great-tasting alternative to the full-fat versions. Although fat-free cheese may seem like the better option, most brands tend to be very gummy, don’t melt well, and have little taste.

Instead, try reduced-fat cheese, which has the same great flavor and melting qualities as the original but with significantly less fat.

Expert’s tip: Buy blocks of reduced-fat cheese and grate it yourself. It’s not only cheaper, but it also melts better.

3. Salt

Most doctors, along with the AHA, recommend a diet containing less than 2,300 milligrams of sodium per day — that’s less than 1 teaspoon. If you already have high blood pressure, aim for less than 1,500 milligrams per day. In fact, they consider an ideal limit for most adults to be less than 1,500 milligrams per day.

Instead of reaching for the saltshaker, add a splash of vinegar or a squeeze of fresh lemon to your food. Using herbs and spices is a great way to give a familiar dish a new twist. Try creating your own salt-free spice blends to have on hand when you need a boost of flavor.

Taste tip: The flavor of fresh herbs fades quickly when cooked, so add them just before serving.

4. Eggs

Eggs are an excellent source of protein and essential nutrients, but they do contain saturated fat. One large egg contains 1.6 grams of saturated fat. Instead of cutting eggs out completely, try to consume them in moderation, which means seven or fewer whole eggs a week for a healthy individual.

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