Top 10 Electric Vehicles With The Longest Range

The battery can be recharged up to 80% in less than half an hour. What completely sets C two apart is its pair of two-speed gearboxes at the rear, preventing drop-offs at high speeds and bringing it to a top speed of 258 mph.

Tesla Model S Long Range (400 Miles)

By the introduction of Model S in 2012, Tesla astonished the world. The Model S was considered as the first electric vehicle to provide an extended range of mileage on one charge, leading to its all-time fame as an icon.

With its high mileage and technology, the Tesla Model S challenged every other maker in the industry. The battery takes 15 hours to recharge fully, if at home, and around 38 minutes to rapid-charge. If 400 miles does for you, you can go for a Model S at a lower price than Roadster.

Tesla Model 3 Long Range (348 Miles)

Tesla’s Model 3 offers a shorter range comparing to Model S and Roadster. Still, then it takes a shorter time to recharge and is much less expensive. The series includes three variants making different options available to consumers, with the Long Range being the one with the highest mileage.

This EV is equipped with a dual-motor AWD. The battery takes 11 hours 45 minutes for at-home charging and only 22 minutes for fast-charge. This quick sedan is the perfect choice for Tesla lovers who can’t afford to buy a Roadster or Model S.

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