The World’s First Best Mechanical Smartwatch

Smartwatch is touted as ‘the world’s first 3.0 watch’, but one should not confuse the ‘3.0’ as a regular update or a newer version to a predecessor. The Geneva-based watchmaker Frederique Constant in fact has a whole new take for calling their cutting-edge smartwatch the world’s first 3.0 watch. It refers to the three technologies offered in a single watch—mechanical timekeeping, smart features, and calibre analytics. The watch comes as a treat for the Swiss watch lover, who often laments over smartwatches taking over the world of horology. By fusing a mechanical movement with seamless electronic technology, the gap between the smartwatch and the mechanical watch.

The world’s first mechanical smartwatch combines three unique technologies—mechanical timekeeping, smart features, and calibre analytics. While 2018 saw the launch of this new watchmaking breakthrough from Frederique Constant, the 2019 edition is a subtle but impactful upgrade in terms of design and finishing

A True Watchmaking Novelty For The 21st Century

When this novelty was first launched in 2018, Aletta Stas-Bax, founder and co-president of Frederique Constant was there for the grand unveiling, and explained what sets the watch apart. “The Hybrid Manufacture really is a world premiere because here, we mix the manufacture movement with smart functions,” she says. “When you see the watch, it looks like our Manufacture watch, with the hours, minutes, long seconds, and the date by hand at six o’clock. But it also measures analytics of the mechanical movement, which will let you know if and when your watch needs to be serviced.”
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The 2019 edition of the Hybrid Manufacture replaces the Roman numerals for applied hour markers to complement the case metal. The faceted appliques and the general finishing on the dial give these latest Hybrid watches added finesse, with a definite luxe appeal


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