The Very Best Programming Projects to Improve Your Resume

3. Mobile Games & Online Games

Creating games with almost perfect effects in graphics is quite complex from design to the logic of the game. Employers can see your talent and skills in this kind of project. Most likely, hiring managers would see that you are flexible in developing both front-end and back-end coding. Here are some popular online and mobile game programming projects that might interest you in jumping into development as a personal project.

4. Mobile or Online Shopping Apps

For some people, shopping is one way for them to relax; however, for others, shopping and going to a store is a headache. In some countries like the Philippines, people are very much fun about going to the mall. Shopping malls in the Philippines are very alive and booming. People queue to a very long line just to buy their favorite shirt or brands.

Because of this problem encountered in most shopping malls, online shopping has been a solution. Instead of going to shopping malls or stores, costumers will browse shopping websites. Furthermore, customers can also use mobile shopping apps to get the items that they want to buy, and they will be delivered at their front door.

Compared to a traditional shopping mall, online shopping gives convenience and ease to the consumers. Online and mobile shopping applications allow costumers to do a lot of things. They can receive the latest trends, updates, discounts, promos, and reviews on the products that they want. On the other hand, online or mobile shopping does not only benefit the customers but also the entrepreneurs. It saves them money for renting space and manpower, and it saves time. In other countries, eBay, Amazon, and Alibaba have been the biggest players in online shopping.

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