The Very Best Programming Projects to Improve Your Resume

A financial-related software application is one of the most simple yet complex applications. You have to deal with confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the data. These software programming projects involve not only cash flows but also the totality and organizational processes such as inventory, acquisition, payroll, and so many other movements.

When talking about finance-related apps, it is not only limited to traditional financial software. Instead, it specifies certain company requirements, but in today’s generation, online transactions are also covered. Applications with integration to online payments are way better and faster. Here are some common payment options you can choose to integrate into your systems.

As the advancement of technology increases, mobile applications become helpful in so many aspects. Aside from the mentioned payment platforms above, mobile wallets using smartphones are also popular today. Here are some examples of mobile wallet programming projects that you might be interested in joining! Some of these are popular in a specific country.

2. Online Communication

Facebook Messenger is one of the biggest chat channels of today’s generation. In some countries, Facebook is not allowed and blocked, including the Facebook messenger. As an alternative to Facebook Messenger, there are other apps created by most citizens in a certain country. Some of these apps also incorporated with online payment platforms or mobile wallets. For some, it would be convenient to send money to their loved ones and relatives, inside and outside the country of origin.

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