The Very Best Programming Projects to Improve Your Resume

Acquiring a degree in the field of information technology, computer science or even software engineering is not an easy path to take. Today’s generation of learners is lucky enough to have so many resources available at their front door. In some countries, a degree in the computing field is not necessary but what is important is to have the required skills for the big challenges you may encounter in the computing field.

In some instances, not all college graduates acquire enough skills compared to those people who are self-taught about programming. Indeed, when you plan to jump into the field of programming, you need to consider what programming projects or languages you want to master and be an expert in. Are you going to focus on a stand-alone application? A web application? Or a mobile application?

Having a polyglot skillset needs talent and requires a lot of skills and brain cells! Regardless of the type of application, the level of expertise and the kind of programming language are very important. Thus, here are some programming projects that can make you stand out among other applicants.

1. Financial-Related Application Projects

Every business involves money for moving transactions, may it be daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly. Although there is ready-made software related to finance, some of these programs may not be fit for the specific business. Some companies hire on-the-job trainees to help create this software that is specific to the need of the company. For the lucky newly hired on-the-job trainees, this is an opportunity to be able to learn and grow in this kind of project.


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