The Science of Memory: 8 Strategies for Training Your Brain to Learn Faster and Remember More

3. Acquire a New Skill

Another effective way to improve your memory and brain is to acquire new skills whenever you can. Doing routine tasks, again and again, might reduce our brain’s ability but when we learn something new, our brain reacts in a different way. You may try learning a new language (how about that Chinese you’ve been putting off for years?) or try any physical skill that you like. As you work on yourself to acquire that new knowledge, you’ll find out some changes in your mind and how it works in your favor.

4. Tweak Your Mind with Mobile Apps

It’s true that we rely on technology in most of the things that affect our normal IQ level. There are so many best brain training apps specifically developed to enhance your cognitive abilities and remember things efficiently. Offering different exercises to tweak your mind power, Elevate is a nice option to try. It offers different sets of training programs.

Another way to improve your mind power is by using BrainHQ mobile app allowing you so many tools to improve your memory. You may play games specifically designed to improve your mind. If you want to remember little but important information of various kinds, you should try Eidetic. The app is designed to help us memorize such information that we usually skip easily like dates, key figures from history vice versa.

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