The Best Trail Mountain Bikes

Are you looking for a new mountain bike for everyday trail riding? We researched all of the best bikes and purchased the bikes in this review to test and compare. At OutdoorGearLab we want to help you find the right bike for you, your trails, your riding style, and your wallet. Our professional mountain bike testers spent hundreds of hours and rode thousands of miles on these trail bikes. We put each bike through its paces in an effort to gain a complete and thorough understanding of each bike’s performance. Some ride characteristics are obvious immediately while some of the subtleties take hundreds of miles to pick up on. Rest assured, this is the most complete review on the internet.

Best Overall Trail Bike

Yeti SB130 TURQ X01 2019

The Yeti SB130 is a ripping trail bike that may just be the ultimate daily driver. This bicycle makes a ton of sense for a huge number of riders on a wide range of terrain. The Yeti sets you up in an excellent climbing position and delivers a feathery and efficient uphill experience. The Switch Infinity suspension beautifully balances excellent traction with a calm and relatively bob-free pedal platform. On the descent, this bike is a blast on a very diverse range of terrain. On fast and buff flow trails this bike delivers excellent stability, sharp handling, and berm-railing cornering skills. On rougher trails, the SB130 charges hard down anything but true enduro-grade terrain. The Yeti is very versatile. It is burly enough to hang on some gnar and tight and efficient enough to still be a blast on mellow and tame trails. This is a very high compliment. All of this performance is going to cost you, Yeti bikes are not know for their affordability.

Best Quiver Killer

Ibis Ripmo GX 2018

The all-new Ibis Ripmo is a dialed aggressive trail mountain bike. This rig pairs a burly and confidence-inspiring front end with a lively and efficient rear end. This bicycle features 145mm of rear-wheel travel and is designed around a 160mm fork. Despite its aggressive attitude, the Ripmo is a very efficient climber. The DW-link suspension functions well under seated or standing pedaling loads but is active enough to maintain traction. On the descent, this bike has the modern geometry angles to be confident down gnarly terrain. The Ripmo remains impressively calm over small to mid-size chatter. At times, you need a reminder that this bike only has 145mm of travel and it can be overwhelmed on super gnarly trails. The Ripmo model we tested is reasonably priced, and it is offered in a variety of build kits to suit a range of budgets.


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