The Best Things To See And Do On Washington’s San Juan Islands

2. Kayaking In The San Juans

There are unguided, guided, and overnight/camping options for kayaking in the San Juans. You can rent kayaks by the hour for unguided exploring or take a three- or five-hour guided tour. You’ll find many good options leaving from Roche Harbor and Friday Harbor on San Juan Island.

Guided tours include paddling through the island’s west-side killer whale sanctuary and sunset outings, or an evening bioluminescence tour to see glowing plankton — best seen after a hot, sunny day during a new moon.

Extreme sea kayaking tours let participants experience the islands in the most unique way. These are two- or three-day-long tours that involve kayaking and camping. A three-day trip with a night on Stuart Island is an especially unforgettable experience as Stuart is only accessible by private boat or kayak and has 33,000 feet of shoreline and hiking trails through old-growth forests.

You can book with a kayaking company offering all-inclusive trips. You bring the clothes specified on their packing list and they provide the rest, including valuable expertise and knowledge.

3. Fishing And Crabbing In The San Juans

Eating a Dungeness crab you caught changes the way you look at restaurant crab forever. My experience started with baiting the crab pot, dropping it from the back of a boat, and returning later with high hopes of finding crab-stuffed pots. Then we boiled and ate our catch.

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