The 7 Best Tips for Seeing in Color in Street Photography

For another installment in the Capture Color Series, I’ll cover some tips to help with seeing in color when out shooting in color. Of course, most of us already see in color just fine, but I’m talking about its relation to capturing better color photos. If you’re out shooting black & white photography, you need to see things differently than you do when shooting in color. If you can look around you and really see the colors, know how they can affect a photo, and be able to capture a color photo the way you saw it, then you’ve learned how to see in color with your photography. Here are 7 tips for seeing in color in street photography.

1. Look for Color

First you have to find color before you can capture it. Luckily color is all around us, but you do have to keep your eyes open for it. Not all color is created equal, either, so what you’re looking for can depend on your vision and style too. Maybe you like bright colors, light colors, dark colors, or colors that give a certain mood. Maybe you like the light a certain way for your colors, maybe you like multiple combinations of colors in your scene, or maybe you like to use only one color highlighted.  If you know what you like, then you don’t have to try to look for it. It will find you.

So, where to look for color then? Everywhere. City blocks can supply colorful buildings, signs, advertisements, and more. Nature can bring you intense colors too, like the green of the grass or the blue of the sky. Then, of course, you have people, whom can supply colors from what they wear to their hair. Even the light supplies different shades of colors. No matter where you are, the colors are out there. You just have to look.

2. But Don’t Make Color Your Only Focus

Don’t take tip #1 too seriously or you’ll just end up photographing different colors instead of making a good photo. You have to look for more than just a color, while also not focusing too much on the act of looking. You want to be relaxed and free so things can find you.


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