The 6 Living History Museums Around The World

Living history attractions recreate history in a lifelike way. They are akin to visiting a movie set for a particular time and place in history. You might enter a barn to find a leather-aproned blacksmith raising a hammer over a piece of red-hot iron. A cook in long skirts may turn from the hearth to offer you a taste of fresh-baked bread. You may stroll down a cobblestone street that echoes with the clip-clop of horses’ hooves and the creaking of carriage wheels.

Best Living History Museums

Many countries and regions host living history museums that celebrate local cultures, trades, arts, and history. Here are a few attractions around the world that offer a sense of what life was like in former times.

Ulster American Folk Park, Omagh, Northern Ireland

Ulster American Folk Park, Omagh, Northern Ireland - Tools in a shed

The unique Ulster American Folk Park shares the migration experiences of Northern Irish immigrants to North America. In thatched Ulster cottages and log cabins, you can watch costumed staff demonstrate traditional crafts and share their food. Board a life-size ship to see what it was like to travel across the sea during the 1800s. Follow the immigrants even farther—into the covered wagons and homesteads of the United States frontier.

Colonial Williamsburg, Williamsburg, Virginia, United States

Colonial Williamsburg, Williamsburg, Virginia, United States - living history museum shooting off canon

Colonial Williamsburg calls itself the world’s largest living history museum. Its recreated city brings to life the British colonial experience of the 1700s. Meet and interact with interpreters who portray various historical figures, watch master tradespeople and their apprentices at work, and ask them about their tools and techniques.


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