The 6 Amazing Foods That Will Remove Nicotine from Your Body

4. Water

  • The water is the source of life and provides your body that:
  • Nicotine dehydrates the body, so drink water to hydrate. Recommended 8-12 cups a day for everyone.
  • You need water to flush toxins from your body through the skin. If you drink enough, you will help your body to sweat and expel nicotine.

5. Spinach

5. Spinach

Spinach is one of the most healthy vegetables since they are not only rich in vitamins but also contains large amounts of folic acid.

6. Kiwi

The kiwi helps in eliminating nicotine from the body and replenishing of vitamins A, C and E are reduced by smoking.

Extra tips

1. The water removes nicotine from your body. Drink plenty of filtered or bottled water or 8-10 glasses of water a day. Add a little lemon juice, which also cleans the body from nicotine.

2. The coenzyme Q-10 protects cells, lungs, and heart damaged by smoking and nicotine that has passed into the bloodstream.

3. Nicotine deprives your body of vitamins. It is best to take a supplement of vitamin C and eating foods rich in vitamin C.


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