The 6 Amazing Foods That Will Remove Nicotine from Your Body

Nicotine is one of the most potent substances in cigarettes from which addiction million people suffer. Below we give you some tips on how to rid your body of nicotine so as to completely stop smoking and the damage caused to the heart, lungs, and liver.

Smoking is harmful to health. We all know, but for some, it is quite difficult to stop this habit. Nicotine induces a rapid increase in blood pressure and severe damage to the lungs. Moreover, even if you stop smoking, the effect of nicotine lasts for years.

1. Broccoli

1. Broccoli

  • Contains high levels of vitamins B5 and C.
  • Replenish the vitamin C by eating broccoli and keep your metabolism high.
  • The Broccoli contains a substance that protects the lungs from damage due to toxins.

2. Carrot juice

2. Carrot juice

If you smoke, then you should know that every time you turn a cigarette nicotine stays in your body for three days. Nicotine also causes damage to your skin. Carrot juice is beneficial for the skin and is rich in vitamins A, C, K and B have been shown to be effective in the removal of nicotine from the body.

3. Oranges

The orange juice is rich in vitamin C. The regular consumption enhances metabolism and relieves stress.


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