The 21 Easiest Dog Breeds to Own

Hoping to bring a dog into your home? Some dog breeds are easier to own than others, especially for novice dog parents. To find the easiest dog breeds to own, we took a look at a variety of important characteristics. And you might be surprised by the traits that matter most.

For instance, you might think you want a smart dog. But highly intelligent dogs aren’t always the easiest to train (because trainability is more about a dog’s willingness to follow instructions than his ability to understand them). And you might assume an active dog will be the simplest to keep healthy. But a dog with a lower energy level and no genetic predisposition to disease will actually be easier to handle. Plus, choosing a dog with an easygoing temperament — and minimal grooming needs — will go a long way toward keeping you sane.

Ready to find the perfect dog? Check out 21 of the easiest dog breeds to own.

1. Basset hound

Want a low-key dog? You might just love the basset hound, a dog breed the American Kennel Club characterizes as “easygoing, laid-back, and even a bit lazy.” These medium-sized dogs aren’t very active. And while most dog owners won’t put the basset hound’s hunting prowess to the test, they’ll appreciate the breed’s extreme patience with children. Plus, the AKC reports these dogs are “easy to train, and despite their plodding pace, they do well at various dog sports.”

Because the basset hound is prone to obesity, you’ll want to make a point of taking your dog on daily walks. A basset hound is an extreme people-pleaser, and he’ll love to bond with you in obedience classes. These dogs have a short coat, which does shed. But they need minimal grooming. And generally, basset hounds are a healthy breed.

2. Beagle

Some of the easiest dog breeds to own are the ones that are easy-going and outgoing, like the beagle. The breed’s AKC profile characterizes these dogs as “merry,” “friendly,” and “curious.” The AKC promises, “Beagles are loving and lovable, happy, easygoing, and companionable.” They are very active little dogs who need plenty of exercise.

But beagles love to play, and VetStreet reports the beagle is one of the most outgoing, approachable, and people-pleasing breeds. “The beagle is among the top 10 most popular breeds for good reason: He has a bigger-than-life personality and a merry nature that make him a warm and cheerful companion.”

Plus, the beagle is generally a very healthy dog breed. In fact, the beagle’s easygoing personality — and freedom from genetic diseases — explains why researchers choose beagles for controversial animal testing.

3. Bichon frisé

Another dog breed to consider if you want a friendly pup? The bichon frisé. This small dog is a great companion both for adults and older children. He’s happy and curious. And he’s both “playful” and “peppy,” according to the AKC. The organization reports that bichons are “bundles of energy, so they’ll need daily play sessions and walks.”

These dogs are easy to train because they love not only to perform, but also to please their people. PetWave describes bichon frisés as “little puffs of personality” who wouldn’t mind going everywhere with you, whether you’re walking, running, or driving around town.

The AKC adds that “owners might even delight in watching their dog suddenly experience a burst of energy, known as the ‘Bichon Blitz,’ during which they’ll comically sprint around their space. That period is usually followed by some serious cuddle time to satisfy their lovable side.”


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