The 12 Best New iPhone Features to Try Out

3. You now have an App Library

App Library is a new feature that basically helps you organize and find all of the apps on your iPhone. The all-new App Library page automatically organizes all your apps into folders based on what they do. For instance, all your streaming apps (i.e Netflix, Hulu and Apple TV+) will be in a folder located “Entertainment,” while your social media apps (i.e Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat) could be put in a folder called “Social.” You will be able to get to the all-new App Library by swiping all the way from the right from the Home screen.

Secondly, the App Library can display all your apps in an alphabetical list. It’s similar to the Apple Watch’s “List View” mode, which organizes the apps in an alphabetical list on your Apple Watch, which is a great alternative to the honeycomb that is “Grid Mode.” Both organization methods of App Library simply make it easier to find the apps you’re looking for.

4. Call notifications are different (in a good way)

When you get an incoming call in iOS 14, instead of seeing a message that takes up your entire iPhone screen, the message only takes up a sliver of your iPhone — sort of like you’re getting a push notification. The idea is that if you’re in the middle of doing something on your iPhone, you can simply swipe the call notification away and not disrupt your workflow. These small call notifications work with normal phone calls, FaceTime calls and calls from third-party apps like Skype or Slack.

5. Picture-in-Picture for calls and other videos

iOS 14 adds a bunch of new multi-tasking and productivity features, and one of the most important is picture-in-picture. It essentially allows you to watch a video from video-playing apps while doing other things in other apps. The video appears as a small floating screen over the other apps you’re using. You can move this small video player around your screen or off it completely while still listening to the audio.

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