The 11 Cutest Canadian Animals and Where to Find Them

5. Beluga whale

Somerset Island, NU

Baffin Island is pretty far north, but not as far as Somerset Island, Nunavut. Located 800 km north of the Arctic Circle, this outpost is so far north, it only has one lodge—but it’s a great spot for watching smiley-faced beluga whales in their natural habitat. Expedition Trips can help you get there with one of its packages leaving from Yellowknife. For beluga whale watching closer to civilization, head to Tadoussac, Quebec, and book a boat tour with Croisieres AML.

6. Black-tailed prairie dog

Val Marie, SK

With their adorable fatness and excited little personalities, what’s not to love about the black-tailed prairie dog? They’re also one of the easiest animals to see: Grasslands National Park has a “Dog Town” you can simply hike to. Val Marie, Saskatchewan, is the gateway to the park and has everything you need to fall in love with the prairies. Before you hit the park, chow down a burger or Caesar salad at Harvest Moon Café, and you’ll be ready for exploring.

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