The 11 Cutest Canadian Animals and Where to Find Them

Positivity is important—it’s good for your health, your outlook on life, and even your job performance. If you made a resolution for 2021, chances are it was to bring more positivity to your life. We get it, and that’s why we wanted to kick off the year with this list of the cutest native Canadian animals. You could just scroll through looking at all the adorable faces, but why not go see them in person? Everyone loves cute animals, and we’ve got some of the world’s cutest creatures right here in Canada. Your reward for making the trek? You just might see these lovable critters up close.

1. Pine marten

Wasagaming, MB

Look at that face! The pine marten is found all over Canada, but getting a glimpse of these shy guys might be a challenge. Riding Mountain National Park in Wasagaming, Manitoba, is a good bet, thanks to its reintroduction program. There were 102 pine marten sightings in 2017—not bad, considering this critter isn’t exactly an extrovert. The Clear Lakes Region has much to offer outside of pine martens, though. Take a sunset cruise from Clear Lake Marina, then dine on wood-fired pizza at the Foxtail Café.

2. Collared pika

Fort Simpson, NT

He might look like a mouse, but the collared pika is no nuisance. In fact, he probably doesn’t even live near you; they prefer remote, high-altitude locations, thank you very much. Nahanni National Park Reserve near Fort Simpson, Northwest Territories is the perfect spot. It’s a rugged, mountainous place, but the diminutive pika doesn’t mind—he thrives here. You, however, will need to fly in, so hook up with Simpson Air from Fort Simpson for a day tour or a multi-day adventure in search of your new friends.


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