The 10 Most Powerful Psychology Tricks to Get What You Want

Sometimes we find ourselves in situations where we can barely control our actions. In this case, it doesn’t refer to emotional outbursts but rather situations where someone tries to intrude in your mind and change things there. We describes powerful tricks of psychological influence that will help you recognize situations where someone is trying to manipulate or trick you. Now that you know them, you’ll be able to avoid any mind trap.

1. Non Productive arguments

According to research, the outcome in 60% of situations will be positive if you use the word “because.” It doesn’t matter what follows this key word because it sounds very reasonable itself. That is why we are inclined to agree with opponents more often.

Try to listen attentively to the arguments that follow because it is important.

2. The Goebbels method

10 Powerful Psychology Tricks to Get What You Want

Any advertisement is a good example. The main character of the film wouldn’t want to meet this girl so badly if he hadn’t seen her so many times before his trip. Don’t let them manipulate you, and be thoughtful about your choices. Reasons like “Just because I want it“ and ”I don’t know how it ended up in my basket” are not good enough.


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