The 10 Most Mind-Blowing Black Widow Cosplays Ever

These 10 women are doing Black Widow better than Scarlett Johansson. Join us as we take a look at the best Black Widow cosplayers in the world!

Natasha Romanova A.K.A. Black Widow is a Russian spy turned Avenger created by Stan Lee, Don Rico and Don Heck. She has appeared in countless comic book series since her creation in 1964 and is most famously portrayed by Scarlett Johansson in the Marvel Cinematic Universe franchise of films. Due to her immense popularity, many have even hoped for a solo movie that follows Black Widow’s adventures. Her backstory as a KGB spy as well as her martial arts skills, savviness with a gun, and computer hacking expertise make for a force to be reckoned with and could make a compelling movie on its own.

Given that she is such a strong character (not to mention one of the only female superheroes currently depicted in the Marvel Cinematic Universe), it is no wonder that she gets so much love and countless cosplayers love to dress up as her. Who wouldn’t want to role-play such a badass, strong female character? Scarlett Johansson is the definitive portrayal of the character for most people, but we’ve seen some amazing cosplay from some talented females dressed as the Avenger’s resident spy. So with that in mind, let’s look at the 10 most mind-blowing Black Widow cosplays (in no particular order).


IssssE does a really fantastic job getting into character for her different cosplay photoshoots. Little is known about her besides her love of cosplay and video games and that she often does very detailed work. She puts a lot of effort in her costumes and it shows, as most come out flawless. She also takes the time to immerse her characters in their world to great effect.

Her Black Widow (photographed by Sergio Aguirre) is particularly amazing due to the detail not only in her costume but in the level of detail she puts in the background of her images. You feel like you’re actually watching Black Widow heading into battle. Make sure you check out all of her cosplays on her official DeviantArt page.


Katyuska Moonfox is a 23 year old cosplayer from Brisbane, Australia. Moonfox began cosplaying when she was 13 years old due to her passion for games like Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts. Her love of video games also pushed her to study programming and game design. Her website keeps her fans up-to-date on all of her upcoming cosplays and appearances, and she has also been very outspoken about her own body issues and body dysmorphia.

Sporting a healthy 367,000 followers on Instagram, Katyaska’s costumes leave very little to the imagination, and her fans love her for it. The same can be said for her Black Widow cosplay (photograph by, which is leathery, skin tight, and shows enough skin for her fans to go wild. The costume also perfectly encapsulates the essence of the comic book character.


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