The 10 Key Features on any Street Photography Camera

I’d recommend a continuous shooting speed of at least five frames per second, and more is better. For me, the 8-10 range is ideal, which you can find on quite a few cameras these days.

And honestly, anything more than 10 fps is overkill for most street photography purposes. You’ll run through your memory cards ridiculously fast, and end up with a huge amount of unnecessary shots.

You’ll also want to get a camera with a decent buffer. There’s no use in being able to shoot at 10 fps if you can only capture 15 frames. So I recommend you look for a camera with a buffer of at least 25 RAW files (and more is better!).
man hidden by umbrella

50mm | f/3.5 | 1/160s | ISO 320

3. Excellent autofocus with strong eye detection

As I said above, street photography happens fast.

And you’re often reacting to moments that come and go instantly.
man walking through door street photography camera

24mm | f/8 | 1/200s | ISO 320

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