The 10 Best Types of Exercise to improve your Mental Health

Studies show that exercise of around 45 minutes for two to five days a week can significantly improve mental health, as well as physical fitness.

Benefits of Exercise for Mental Health

Let’s first look at some of the benefits of exercise for mental health, before we look at specific types of sport and exercise.

  • It’s Excellent for Reducing Anxiety
  • Exercise helps in Fighting Depression
  • Exercise Helps in Gaining More Clarity
  • It Assists in Creating Better Self-Esteem
  • Sleeping Problems like Insomnia are relieved
  • It helps in Controlling Addictive Behaviors

10 Types of Exercise for improved mental health

Now that we’ve looked at the mental health benefits of exercises; it’s time to suggest the best types of exercises for improving mental health. All these exercises are good for your health and will provide you with amazing benefits.

1. Running – clear the mind

Running is recommended for people with mood disorders, bipolar personality disorder, and borderline personality disorder. Often, psychiatrists suggest patients of Major Depressive Disorder include simple exercise such as Running in their routine for managing their symptoms of depression. Here are some other benefits of running to read up on.

2. Pilates – gentle but rewarding

Pilates is beneficial for men and women. Different studies show that doing Pilates helps to provide gentle health strength. That is why it is suggested for people with sleep apnea and insomnia to include physical exercises such as cardio workout and strength training to stimulate better melatonin production at night.


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