The 10 Best Cameras And The One Suitable For Street Photography

Street photography is a photography different from the others. Because street photography is focused on catching the moment, telling a story, and as street photographers we are looking for the spontaneous, often the imperfection can be the added value, and the street photographer finds himself often photographing suddenly, in a action-reaction, where the instinct is a fundamental component. People asking me about a camera, first of all, to analyze themselves as photographers, their approach and then to choose the camera that best meets their attitudes. Good question.

There are a few camera features that do jibe well with street photography and, in general, stealth, speed, and dependability are key elements. Features like the LCD screen, viewfinder, AF speed, continuous shooting speed, lens’s focal length and aperture, and even onboard flash should be considered important. This is not to say that sensor type and ISO capability aren’t factors in street photography.

The key elements a camera for street photography should have in my opinion are:

  • Lightness
  • Operabilitycompactness
  • Silentness
  • Good Zone Focus System

If you’re street photographer looking for a suitable camera. Here are the 10 best cameras for street photography, check the specs of any alternatives that strike your fancy.

1. Ricoh GR II


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