The 10 Best Apple Watch Complications You Must Use

Apple Watch complications are a great way to get information from your favorite iPhone apps at a glance on your Apple Watch. With the added display real estate on the Apple Watch Series 4, complications can now do and show more than ever before.

Here are several Apple Watch complications that are worth a place on your primary watch face.

1. Dark Sky

Apple Watch Complications Dark Sky App

Dark Sky is one of the best hyper-local weather apps available. It provides up-to-the-minute weather for your specific location that’s almost always on the money.

The Dark Sky complication shows you the most important weather information on your watch face. Every option gives you the current temperature, as well as up-to-date weather conditions. Larger complications also include information such as temperature highs and lows, and even sunset times.

2. Just Press Record

Apple Watch Complications Just Press Record App

Using your iPhone to take notes or dictation is fine, but you have to stop what you’re doing, take out your iPhone, and start tapping away. With Just Press Record, your iPhone can stay where it is during the recording process.

Simply tap the red circle and your Apple Watch will start recording almost instantly. Everything you record is not only synced straight to the iPhone app, but also transcribed.

3. ActivityTracker

Apple Watch Complications ActivityTracker App

One of the big selling points of the Apple Watch is its fitness tracking capabilities. It’s a little bizarre, then, that there’s no native way of displaying your step count on your watch face.


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