Street Photography: How to Take Awesome Shots

Imagine a creepy photographer standing across the road with a giant lens. If you want to blend with the crowd, you need to get up close and among the action. Go with a wide-angle lens and get lost among busy pedestrians. You may also choose a lightweight camera that’s less confronting than a large DSLR, being compact and discreet.

Don’t shoot at night

Really? Night in the city is a great chance to get authentic, eye-catching, and dreamy images. But it’s a tricky thing to shoot at night – you need to worry about low shutter speeds causing blur and adjust your ISO and aperture accordingly in low-light conditions.

We recommended having a tripod with you, especially if you plan to shoot long exposures. Alternatively, use a fast lens to shoot low-light scenes and still have the effect of frozen action. When snapping at night, look for interesting lines, shadows, and compositions to let your images make a bold visual statement. Silhouetted subjects are exciting and can create excellent compositions with the shadow filling the foreground.

Get close to people

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