Street Photography: How to Take Awesome Shots

Don’t shoot from the hip

When you see a portrait of a street photographer in action, they’re likely holding the camera close to their face. This is how an average artist takes the majority of shots, but it’s necessary to try shooting from various perspectives. To experiment, all you need to do is pull your camera away from your face. Go high, get low, shoot from the hip – this is what we call a different angle.

Don’t crop

This rule was created in the times of film photography. It took a lot of effort to crop a photograph back then. We don’t have that headache: cropping is now super easy, and you can still control the aspect ratio. If the image looks better cropped, then crop it. Since modern photo editing software offers a wide range of features including cropping, clone stamp, and transform tools, you can effortlessly modify your images or leave them as is.

Don’t shoot wide

How to Take Great Street Photos Image24

I think a lot of people created new rules because they broke the previous ones. You can go and shoot at 28mm, but don’t mind shooting 200mm either. You don’t have to shoot only at 70mm, but why not give it a try and see if it works for you? Maybe you’ll find that you like that extra compression that gives your photos a unique look.

Don’t look for the best street photography camera

There’s no best street photography camera and lens. But choosing which camera and lens to use is one of the most critical factors for street photographers. Resist the temptation to use a telephoto lens to stay invisible. This will more than likely frighten strangers around you.

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