Street Photography: How to Take Awesome Shots

Street photography is one of the most complicated but at the same time one of the most exciting genres of photography. It’s not as time-consuming as urban photography, but it requires skill. Taking snaps of people in their everyday lives is challenging. You need to be patient, work hard, and sometimes be brave to photograph complete strangers! In this article, we take a peek at what street photography is and how it differs from other photography styles. We also give you some helpful street photography tips to get started. To keep your creative juices flowing, bear in mind some of these helpful ideas. Plus, you can get inspired by checking out this list of the best street photographers.

Don’t shoot in manual mode

This is a rule we ask you to break not because we want you to be a rebel but because it makes your life harder. Don’t give yourself too much to worry about. Imagine trying to change the settings every time you take a picture. If you’re in dark conditions, you have to adjust your ISO; if you’re in a well-lit area, you have to rush and modify the aperture. It’s best to shoot street photographs in P (Program) mode or aperture priority mode. We’d recommend setting your camera to f/8 and minimum 400 ISO and letting the shutter speed do its own thing. Don’t worry about your camera. Enjoy!

Don’t shoot at a low angle

Some just think a low-angle shot doesn’t tell a compelling story. But all shots have the potential to tell a story; it doesn’t matter whether you’re in shooting from a high angle or a low angle. The mission of street photographers is to tell that story. Now, that doesn’t mean you need to get low and just snap away. What we mean is that you should give every moment a try if you see something interesting.


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