Six Best Backpacking Stoves for Cooking on The Trail

Snow Peak Lite Max

Why should you buy this: The Snow Peak Lite Max is extremely lightweight and durable, made from high-end materials

The Snow Peak Lite Max was designed with the ultralight backpacker in mind, without sacrificing durability or efficiency. The simple, compact stove easily screws on to a fuel canister and has water boiling within minutes. Titanium and aluminum reduce weight and are designed to ensure the stove’s stability.

Folding arms reduce space but are large enough when extended to provide a stable cooking surface for a variety of cookware. A flame control valve ensures the easy transition between simmering and boiling states. This tiny product packs a powerful, burning punch and quickly brings water to a boil.

When folded up, this stove fits into the palm of your hand which makes it an deal option for ultralight backpackers with distance to cover. It tucks away into the nook or cranny of any backpack and is so light, it’s hard to notice it’s even there.

MSR Dragonfly

Why should you buy this: The MSR Dragonfly ensures control and stability while handling larger cookware.

The MSR Dragonfly is an all-around backpacking stove perfect for groups, both domestic or overseas. The stove boasts an extremely stable base and durable frame that makes it ideal for larger pots up to 10 inches in diameter, attributing to its capacity to cook a lot of food in a short period of time.

The stove burns many different kinds of liquid fuel including white gas, kerosene, auto fuel, and diesel, making for exceptional adaptability in any backcountry situation. A suspended burner cup ensures efficiency, allowing for the stove to burn hot while reducing heat lost to the ground.

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