Simple Method to Help You Retain a Sound Mind and Clear Memory Well Into Old Age

Arrange the fingers of the right hand so as to make the “peace” sign while simultaneously making the “OK” sign with your left hand. Then change the arrangement of the fingers so that your left hand shows “peace” and your right hand shows “OK.” Repeat this several times. And now – perform the exercise with both hands at once!

  • Useful effects: Trains attention and develops the ability to quickly switch from one task to another.

Bimanual synchronous writing

4 Exercises to Help You Retain a Sound Mind and Clear Memory Well Into Old Age

For this exercise, you’ll need two sheets of paper and a pair of easy-to-use writing utensils. When everything is ready, proceed to draw geometric shapes with both hands at once. You can also write letters or words (provided the number of characters is the same for either hand).

  • Useful effects: Synchronous writing teaches your brain to simultaneously handle multiple tasks, thus stimulating the activity of both hemispheres.

Some additional advice

A well-known neuroscientist, Lawrence Katz, has developed a system of exercises to help your brain maintain its functions into a ripe old age.

Here are some tips from his books:

  • Try to perform mundane, everyday rituals (such as brushing your teeth or combing your hair) using your nondominant hand.
  • While taking a shower or performing other routine activities, do everything with your eyes closed.
  • Frequently change the routes you use for commuting to work, going to the shops, or reaching other regular destinations.
  • While watching a movie, try turning off the sound and relying on the actors’ gestures and movements to guess what they are talking about.

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