Secret Ways to Use iPhone Camera Applications to Take Extraordinary Photos

2. Turn On The Camera Grid For Improved Composition

The iPhone Camera app lets you display gridlines on the screen. The grid has two horizontal and two vertical lines as shown below.

These gridlines help you create photos with better composition. For example, you can use it to compose your shot according to the rule of thirds.

This rule states that it’s better to place your subject off-center, rather than in the middle of the frame. Use the grid to position your subject where two of the gridlines meet.

When shooting landscape photos, position the horizon along the top or bottom gridline, rather than across the middle.

The grid is also an amazing tool for keeping your iPhone straight when taking photos. You can line up the horizon with a horizontal gridline to ensure your photo is level.

To switch on the gridlines, open the Settings app and select Camera. Ensure the Grid option is on (green).

Close Settings, and open the Camera app again. The gridlines will be visible in the viewfinder.

Enabling the grid feature also activates the leveling tool. This tool helps you take level photos when shooting straight up or down.

It’s perfect for food photography and still life photography where you need to shoot from above. And it’s great if you want to shoot straight up, for example, to photograph a decorative ceiling.

iPhone Camera

When you point your iPhone up or down, you’ll see a pair of white and yellow crosshairs in the middle of the screen. When your iPhone is parallel with the ground or ceiling, the crosshairs merge into a single yellow cross.

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