Researchers Reveal Alzheimer’s Treatment That Fully Restores Memory Function

Millions of people experiencing the early onset of Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) begin to feel their memory slip away slowly. Advanced stages of Alzheimer’s often leave the victim unable to recall the names and faces of their loved ones.

“I know what I want to say; I just can’t find the words.”

Alzheimer’s is a brain disease that causes a slow decline in memory, thinking and reasoning skills. The toll that the condition takes on a person and their loved ones is overwhelming.

“The findings suggest that repeating scanning ultrasound may be a noninvasive method with potential for treating Alzheimer’s disease.” – Gerhard Leinega and Jürgen Götz

Per, Alzheimer’s disease:

  • is the 6th leading cause of death in the United States.
  • is developed by someone every 66 seconds.
  • claims the life of 1 in 3 senior citizens.
  • kills more people than breast cancer and prostate cancer combined.
  • affects more than 5 million Americans, a number that could rise to 16 million by 2050.
  • costs the U.S. healthcare system nearly $259 billion annually; this amount may eclipse $1.1 trillion by 2050.


Alzheimer’s disease was discovered in 1906 by Dr. Alois Alzheimer in his one of his female patients, Auguste Deter. Mrs. Deter “experienced memory loss, paranoid, and psychological changes.” Following her death at age 66, Dr. Alzheimer noted the shrinkage in and around nerve cells in her brain during the autopsy.

Both the psychological and physiological symptoms as described by Dr. Alzheimer are caused by amyloid plaques and neurofibrillary tangles.

Amyloid is a protein that is found throughout the body; one that, for reasons unknown, abnormally modifies, producing a form of beta-amyloid which is toxic to neurons within the brain.


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