Researchers Explain Why Cardio Is Not The Best Way to Lose Belly Fat (And What To Do Instead)

They say losing weight is easy. But It seems like belly fat does not agree with the popular opinion. If you are like me, you most probably tried all the diet and exercise fads that came and quickly vanished.

Medical professionals and fitness experts claim that consistency is key to losing weight. However, it could be a problem when you reached a plateau in your exercise and diet regimen.

The abundance of diet and exercise fads in the age of social media is not helping either. Good thing is that many medical researchers have noticed the need to clear the confusion. Many are devoting time to proving the effectiveness of these fads, which people are picking up left and right.

High-intensity interval training and aerobic exercises are some of those workouts that trended on social media.

In this article, we will learn about the ins and outs of a cardio workout, the advantages associated with this kind of exercise routine, and whether cardiovascular exercise is enough to burn your belly fat.

What Composes A Cardio Workout?

Cardiovascular exercises are routines that push your heart and respiratory rate to the limit. These workouts are characterized by the constant increase and decrease of the heart rate, as well as the constant expansion of lung capacity.

These kinds of exercises are best for burning unwanted body fat. Its ability to effectively help in weight loss stems from the fact that cardio workouts demand more oxygen compared to other exercises.

Science also has some data backing up cardio workout’s effectiveness in helping with weight loss. These are some of the most recent studies that linked cardio workouts and loss of belly fat:

  • Donnelly and colleagues found in their 2013 study that aerobic exercises alone are enough to see significant weight loss in men and women. The conclusion came after one group of their participants underwent supervised exercise sessions. The study spanned 10 months before a conclusion was made.
  • A 2014 study revealed that exercise provides the best outcome for the health of obese and overweight individuals. Swift and colleagues concluded that despite being paired with caloric restriction, doing physical activity every day significantly contributed to weight loss.
  • Another study revealed that aerobic and/or resistance training is an effective method to address body mass and fat mass in overweight and obese adults. The author’s conclusion came after several adults were asked to participate in a STRIDE aerobic and resistance training program.

What Exercises are Considered a Cardio Workout?

Diversity is the name of the game in cardiovascular exercises. Several workouts fall within this category. It’s a good thing for people who easily plateau on their workouts, and for those looking for more challenges as they advance to a higher level of workout.


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