Pour Over Coffee Tutorial

4 Add Ground Coffee to Brewer

Add 3 scoops or 21 grams of medium-fine ground coffee inside the pour over.

5 Add Enough Hot Water to Bloom

A rule of thumb I use for brewing temperature is to use a higher temperature for lighter roasts and lower for darker roasts. I explain this more in the article Hacking Dark Roast – Tips on Brewing a Better Bold Coffee.

  • 205 F – light roasts
  • 200 F – medium roasts
  • 195 F – dark roasts

Initially, you will pour just enough water to cover the beans. This typically works out to 2-3 times the weight of the ground coffee. For this example that would be 42-63 grams of water. You will see the coffee bloom as gas escapes the beans. When you do this pour, try your best to cover all the ground coffee. Ideally, there should be no dry clumps of coffee. It is better to add a little more water than have dry clumps.

Wait 30 seconds.

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