Pork Masala Curry (Indian Pork Curry)

A lip-smacking pork curry made with aromatic masala powders and chunks of potatoes. It’s easy to make, and loaded with classic flavors. Perfect curry to have with piping hot steam rice, bread, dinner rolls or any Indian flat breads for a comforting meal!

Pork masala curry is an Indian style pork curry recipe. The ingredients used in this recipe are the basic pantry staples which we use in our daily cooking. A wonderful spicy pork curry made from the various flavorsome spices, freshly pounded ginger garlic, onion and tomato with minimum cooking oil. The spices give the pork a succulent taste, its finger licking good!

If you don’t prefer spicy food, cut out the amount of chilly and chilly powder. However, the spicy level of this curry is just right for people who appreciate a little spice. It’s not too pungent, but has just the right zing!

The pork curry cooked in the spicy masala makes a perfect curry for all pork lovers. The pork when combined with the curry makes a perfect combinations as the flavors of the curry coats the pork making it very delightful. I am sure you will love it as much as we do!


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