Nature and Wildlife Photography Tips for Beginners

If you have an interest in wildlife or nature photography there is a good chance you have seen an image at some point that has completely taken your breath away. Maybe it was a photograph of a sweeping landscape washed in the golden light of the dying afternoon sun or close-up of some small natural miracle that you had never noticed before that moment. You might even have asked yourself, “How did they do that?”

Well, the majority of those incredible photographs came about through a good deal of physical hardship, practiced patience, and a healthy amount of self-made luck.

Here are some tips to help you become stronger at wildlife photography and better at recording of the natural world.

Do your homework before heading out

Be as educated as possible before you ever make a photo. Doing your homework is one of the most important, yet loathed parts of wildlife photography. It never pays to walk into a situation and be completely clueless. Though you can never be totally prepared for every challenge you will face (that’s part of the fun) you can educate yourself so that you safely make the most of your outing.

What gear to pack

Advanced gear is not a requirement, however, patience and perseverance are essential. You don’t need the latest and greatest zoom lens or space-age gadgetry in order to produce outstanding nature and wildlife photos. At the same, you must also understand any limitations of your kit, so that you will have realistic expectations and avoid disappointment.


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