If a Man Does These 10 Things, His Love for You Will Never End

Usually, some men say “I love you” individually, it’s just a word to them with no meaning. Love is an action and requires effort. If your husband says he loves you but doesn’t do anything about it, I’m afraid it’s a fake. If you even have to sit back and think if your husband loves you, there is already a problem. Love does not hurt or deceive.

It’s not new that men are lying because sometimes they love us just to get into your skirts. What are the real signs that he loves you? The only special truth is that he wants to do what he says. He may not be able to sing it to you, but his actions will portray love.

4. He will show you

You will not be a mystery to family and friends. He will make sure you meet them. His family will not only know you but will also know personal things about you and integrate you into the family, even before you tie the knot (by this I mean, they will involve you in family activities and outings).

If a man loves a woman, he will talk about her, and if he does, family and friends will get to know her. If you never meet his family and friends, someone may be in the picture or he won’t love you long enough.

In love, there is no restraint, one of the real signs that he loves you is that he will always talk about you and compliment you on family and friends.

5. He will be completely vulnerable to you

I understand that things can get a little confusing at the beginning of a relationship, especially as everyone tries to put their best foot forward. Some good men follow along, while others come back to their words after a while, which is why I advise ladies to control their emotions at the start of a relationship.

If you love a man, don’t give up working with him too fast, wait a minute and make him wait, let him serve by waiting. Most men go for a walk and leave after a few days or even weeks. Let your husband prove himself as to let him earn it by waiting. Most men walk in and walk away after a few days or even weeks. Let your husband prove himself, if he loves you he will wait for you.

One of the real signs that he loves you is that he wants to share himself with you. There will be no walking areas when it comes to you two. There are no restrictions at all. He will reveal his true nature and it will be nothing less than pure love.

6. He will ask for your input

When it comes to important decision-making, he wants to hear how you feel about the decision he’s making and wants your input.

I remember when I was with a man who likes to give me surprises. Unfortunately, they weren’t good surprises at all because he always ruins them at the end of the day.

He wants to plan and implement them, and if they fail (in fact they always do), he comes back to tell me what his plans were and how he really wanted to surprise me with his success. This is what ladies should also pay attention to. You think he loves you when he comes up with his problems, but that’s not true in all cases. Some men like to use simple and good women.

My ex always came to me every time his plans failed because he knew I’d always come to his aid. I discovered that he was emotionally unstable and needy and that he just needed me to always fill the gap. I mean, nothing will ever happen without me.

No wonder it never worked between us. Ladies, please know where to put the balance, a guy who loves you will ask your opinion on questions and appreciate this input. He may not always take your advice, but he will show that he appreciates them.

A relationship is intended as a partnership. You have to invest as well in each other’s goals, deposit visions, and see where you fit into each other’s lives. If he is long-term, he will appreciate your input and show his love for you; a real part of the true character he loves you.

7. He wants to get to know you better

One of the real signs that he loves you is that he will be curious and want to know more about you. Don’t get turned while he continues to ask questions. He would like to know more about you. Knowing these details can get him involved in everything that happens in your life.

Even when he calls, he wants to know what happened during your working hours. He only wants details about the events around you.

8. He will remember things that you have shared with him about yourself

Imagine asking your husband how old you are or some very important details in your life? A man who loves you remembers the details you shared with him. He may not repeat them word for word, but he will remember the global message. A man in love will carry you in his heart and seeing people or even places will remind him of you.

I remember my husband once joined people and immediately the smell of one of them reminds him of me because I use the same fragrance. Why is it like that? This is because long after you leave him, he still respects the details you shared with him.

So when he thinks of you, he will keep remembering those details. The object of a man’s love is never forgotten, this is one of the real signs that he loves you very much. If you have to remind your husband of some important details or keep going through certain events in your life that you have shared with him, his eyes may be elsewhere.

9. He tells how he thinks about you

One of the real signs that he loves you is that he will tell you how much he loves you, how he thought of you, and how he misses you and can’t wait to be with you. If he says any of the above but acts differently, you should know that he is not real.

For example, if he stays for days without contacting you, disappears if you’re always on the phone or even leaves when you’re on a date together, he may be lying to you, even saying he loves you.

Men communicate more through actions than through words. I was once dating a guy who was very busy at work but kept in touch with me. Every time he was independent, he spent all day with me and even helped me with some difficult tasks.

He would ask via text, even if he was at work, what can he do for me? His philosophy in relationships was to give 100 percent when given the chance because not every day will be the same.

10. He will make you a priority

A man who is really in love with a lady will make her a priority. When you are together, he will focus on you and give all his attention. He will not be fooled by his phone or restless. He will appreciate every moment you spend with him.


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