How to Unclog Clogged Arteries Naturally with Just Three Ingredients, According to Science

Your arteries are the pathways for blood traveling from your heart to the rest of your body. Sometimes genetics, a chronic illness, or eating poorly can cause your arteries to become clogged. High levels of cholesterol play a part, as this fatty substance does not mix with blood.

Blockages can lead to major health concerns. These include high blood pressure, congestive heart failure, and even death. The good news is that keeping your heart and arteries healthy is easier than you may think. Cholesterol increases when your body has an excess of fat, so focusing on your diet is important.

To protect yourself from clogged arteries, stay away from fried foods, snacks with excess sugar, and too much red meat. In addition to diet and exercise, these natural remedies can begin clearing out clogged arteries.


As a strong antioxidant, ginger works to break down bad cholesterol. Ginger is used in natural remedies for nausea and headaches, and multiple studies indicate that it may also bring down levels of fatty cholesterol in the body. Another study showed that ginger might help slow or stop the process of plaque deposits on the walls of arteries.

It’s easy to add more ginger to your daily diet. Ginger can be consumed in many ways. These include drinking it in tea, as powder in capsules, cooked into food, and eaten raw in small amounts. Too much ginger can cause adverse side effects.

Because it can aid in lowering blood pressure, people on related medication shouldn’t eat too much ginger. Ginger can cause heartburn and bloating in higher doses (such as in capsules).



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