How to Take The Most Beautiful Landscape Photos With Your Phone

Vertical Lines: To use the rule of thirds, look at the object in the image and the vertical placement. Often times we frame a subject in the center of the image. This makes it so the eye does not have a journey to discover. You will want to look at the vertical lines and place the subject in the left or right quadrant. It is best to place your subject on the left vertical line if you read from left to right. This will create a flow for your eye and it shows direction and movement.

Use Intersection Lines For Great Composure

Focus on the intersection of the vertical and horizontal lines. To make your image pleasing, place the subjects on the intersection of the lines. Your eyes will naturally go to one of the intersection points of the photo. Place the main subject on an intersection point to create balance, flow, and movement.

Balance Your Image

Balance is a rather vague term, but when you see an image that lacks balance it looks rather dull. A beautiful sky, mountains, and grass are all great features to a good picture. Balance creates the structure of the image.

Shape Structure. Creating balance requires looking at the picture in a simplistic view of shapes. By using triangles, rectangles, and squares you can create balance. Triangles are one of the most visually pleasing and easy ways to create balance.

Simplicity. As a photographer, we have to choose what we put in an image and simplicity creates a great photo. Often we want to capture too much and it can be confusing. We need to learn how to subtract the things we don’t need on the image. One of the easiest ways to create a simpler image is to frame your shot. Then look around the edges of the image for items that seem like they do not belong. Often, getting closer is a way to get a simpler shot.

3. Get the Horizon Straight

It seems easy to take a picture with a smartphone and get the horizon straight but many times it is easy to be off by a bit. What can you do when your image is almost straight? You can take the picture using the grid line feature on your phone. Also, you can edit the horizon after you have taken the shot.

Add Grid Lines

How to add grid lines with my Samsung?

  • Add Grid in the Camera Mode
  • Tap on Settings and scroll down to Grid Lines.
  • Tap on the option and there are three options: off, 3×3, and square.
  • Then choose the 3×3 option.
  • The grid lines will come up each time you open the camera mode until you decide to turn it off.

How to add grid lines on my iPhone?

  • Go into the settings app and tap on the Photo and Camera option.
  • Toggle on the Grid option.
  • Open up the camera mode to test to see if the gird is on.

Rotate the Image

If you take a photo with your phone and your beautiful landscape is still uneven you can rotate the image. You can do this in the native phone app by tapping on the edit button and then the crop or rotate button. Snapseed is an app for Android and iPhone that will also allow you to edit and rotate your photos.

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