How to Take The Most Beautiful Landscape Photos With Your Phone

Nature brings awe and reflection but it can be hard to know how to take beautiful landscape photos with your phone. Nowadays, there are so many opportunities to take breathtaking pictures with your smartphone.

The time spent taking scenic photos shouldn’t distract you from the stunning beauty. With cell phones so accessible and you can take an unlimited number of pictures. Sometimes our shots don’t turn out as good as we expect.

Below we will go over 10 tips for how to take the most beautiful landscape photos with your phone. These tips will help you take better pictures when you are traveling or outside.

1. Find the Best Exposure for Landscapes

Do you know how to adjust the exposure on your phone? If you don’t know that’s okay, it takes a second to learn. First, think about the last picture you took with your phone of a beautiful landscape. Have you taken a nature photo and realized that the sky in the background is washed out showing dull colors? Getting the right exposure is where the image is not too dark or too light and the colors are vibrant and clear.

How to Adjust the Exposure

Getting the most beautiful landscape photos with your phone is more than tap, focus, and shoot. You may also need to increase or decrease the exposure of the image. On the iPhone, the sun appears next to the focused area. Slide up or down on the image to adjust the exposure. With a Samsung, a light bulb appears at the bottom and you can slide from left to right to change the exposure.

2. Compose Your Shot

Rule of Thirds

Horizontal Lines: First, divide the image into thirds horizontally. It is more pleasing if the lines stay away from the center and are either on the top or the bottom third. When shooting sunsets make sure that the horizontal lines are on either the bottom or top third of the image. If the horizon line is in the very center then the image may look more flat.


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