How to Lose Belly Fat In 30 Days (15 Simple Exercises + Diet Plan)

Belly fat is lost through fast exercise. All personal trainers know two things: 1. Slow movement builds muscle, and 2. Fast movement helps you lose fat (lose belly fat especially). All of our handy examples below give you ideas for incorporating fun, super easy, fast exercises into your regular schedule. Just doing one of these per day will begin blasting belly fat!

1. Swimming

People don’t realize how much resistance there is in water. After all, swimming is fun! Who notices the steady and pervasive water resistance on their muscles? The truth is, swimming is one of the fastest ways to lose belly fat and to build muscle simultaneously. Hopping in the pool for 30 minutes a day is more than enough.

2. Run 10 minutes a day

You don’t have to devote a whole hour of running in the morning. You don’t even have to do it for half an hour. Just put your shoes beside your bed, set your watch on a ten-minute timer and just run out the door as soon as you wake up. You can lose belly fat fast if you just have a steady, consistent diet of movement for ten minutes per morning.

3. Jogging up and down the stairs 6 times

If you live in a cold weather climate (away from pools and outdoor activities) but have a two-story house or a home with a basement, you can still lose belly fat fast. Just jog (don’t walk) up and down your stairs six times a day. Easy, simple, and your entire workout for the day is complete.

4. The Hula Hoop (with and without weights)

Whether you use a regular hula hoop like your kids have or you use a weighted hula hoop from a gym supply store, this helps you lose belly fat in a very unique way. By keeping the hoop engaged, you are also engaging your oblique muscles, your abs, and your buttocks.

5. A quick bike ride to the store

If you are getting your exercise without having to think of it as a specifically planned activity just for exercise, you can avoid the “mental hiccups” which sometimes stop us. If you live within a mile of a store, just get on your bike for a quick trip a couple of times a week. Bicycling engages the thighs, abs, oblique muscles, and the lower back in a perfect workout, and you can enjoy the nice day, as well!

6. Family tag in the backyard

If you are looking to spend more quality time with your kids, combine this with your workout and schedule regular family tag out in the backyard. This will keep your heart rate up, it will exercise the whole family, and the fat burning enzymes are always paired with the oxygen burning enzymes in your body.

7. Speed Yoga (yes, there is such a thing)

Yoga is generally considered to be a slow, relaxing process. However, speed yoga can reduce each pose and movement down to a couple of breaths each, which will keep your heart rate and fat burning enzymes at their proper levels for blasting belly fat. You may be surprised that you can lose belly fat fast with this approach, but it’s actually very effective.


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