Here’s How Your Personality Affects Your Workouts

Having trouble getting to the gym? According to a new UK study, you might have your personality to blame.

This week, John Hackston, Chartered Psychologist and Head of Thought Leadership at OPP, presented some key findings on the link between personality and exercise at the¬†British Psychological Society’s annual conference of the Division of Occupational Psychology in Stratford-upon-Avon, England.

“We were keen to investigate how organizations could help their staff’s development through exercise, finding that matching an individual’s personality type to a particular type of exercise can increase both the effectiveness and the person’s enjoyment of it,” Hackston said in a press release.

To determine this correlation, the study surveyed 800 people across a wide range of businesses, and made the following conclusions (all of which are quite logical). And for some more exercise news, check out how Swearing Boosts Your Workouts.

1 People who are more extroverted prefer working on at the gym

Trump exercise yoga

Makes sense, since extroverted types will enjoy the socializing and natural sense of competition that comes from working out in a group.


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