Has Nissan’s new Leaf turned over enough?

Nissan’s second-generation Leaf represents a welcome step forward for the Japanese firm’s pioneering electric vehicle, though not quite as big a leap as it might appear.

Side by side comparisons suggests that a lot of the underlying structure of the car must have carried over from the first generation. The door apertures, for example, appear identical. As a result the latest Leaf has a strong whiff of facelift about it, rather than the entirely new car that buyers might have expected to arrive eight years after the original.

2018 Nissan Leaf facelift

Much more important is what the revised Leaf brings to the table, of course. Most notably, it features a 40kWh battery, which is a welcome stride forward from the 30kWh and 24kWh options offered to date. The result is a quoted range of 235 miles (under the outmoded and virtually pointless NEDC assessment process).

By contrast the EPA range tests used in the USA, which are tougher and so a bit closer to the real world, are expected to yield a more modest figure of 150 miles between charges, up from 107 miles for today’s 30kWh Leaf.


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