Everything you Need to Know About How to Edit Landscape Photos In Lightroom

Correct the White  Balance

A screenshot showing how to edit landscape photos in Lightroom

When we look at a scene during midday, for example, our eyes automatically adjust so that we see a clear picture with no tint. Camera sensors cannot make that adjustment. What often shows up on a photo taken in bright sunshine is a blue tint. So in other words white balance is the temperature of the photo. Not correcting the white balance makes landscape photos look unnatural and dull.

You can either adjust your balance at the time of taking the photo. Or if you are using RAW files you can adjust the temperature in Lightroom. At the very top of the right-hand panel (below the histogram), you will see a couple of sliders titled “Temp” and “Tint”. Move the sliders along to get an image that feels natural to you.

If you click on the small arrows named “As shot” you will get a drop-down menu of the different custom settings you get in your camera. In the same menu, there is also an “Auto” option. Another option is to use the “White Balance Selector” tool which looks like an eyedropper. Click on it and then select somewhere on your image where there is a neutral color like grey.

The white balance will change accordingly. You can then still make any tweaks to the white balance using the sliders.

Make Your Image Pop Out in the Presence Panel

The next part of your Lightroom landscape editing process is where you can transform your images and make them look stunning. The order that you do these Lightroom edits will come down to your own workflow. These are the steps that I go through on my Lightroom landscape edits.

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