Everything you Need to Know About How to Edit Landscape Photos In Lightroom

Landscape photography is one of the core genres of photography as an art. The truth is, physically clicking the shutter and making the photograph is only part of the full landscape photography experience. Post-processing your landscape images is what makes them truly come to life. I’m going to show you how to enhance a photo you’ve made using some simple editing in Lightroom.

How to Edit Landscape Photos in Lightroom

Before starting to edit your landscape photos, you need to ensure you are in the “develop” section of Lightroom. Click the tab on the top right to get started.

Lens Corrections

A good starting point is the lens correction function. It is located near the bottom of the right-hand panel. You may not be aware but whenever you take a photograph with any lens, there is some distortion and errors that occur. For example, this might be chromatic aberrations, vignetting or slight warping of an image. This is where straight lines begin to look a bit curved. But there is an easy fix in Lightroom that will correct this in the vast majority of cases.

First tick “Enable Profile Corrections”. Once you do this, you should see the drop-down menus below it, fill with the details of your lens manufacturer, model, and profile. If you don’t see your lens already populated in the box, click the arrow on the boxes and select the relevant ones from the drop-down menu. Once these are in the boxes will see a slight change made to the photo.

Some older lenses or specialist lenses might not be in the drop-down menu. You would then have to manually adjust the sliders below the boxed named “Distortion” and “Vignetting” to correct the image.

Another good tool in the lens correction panel is the “Remove Chromatic Aberration”.


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