Easy Recipe Japanese Pork Curry Bowl


This flavorful, fragrant curry is a hearty comfort food. It makes a great meal all year round, but it’s particularly wonderful on chilly nights when you want to enjoy a hearty bowl of something steaming. Pork and vegetables make up the recipe’s foundation, but the flavor is truly elevated by Asian-inspired flavors like red miso, fresh ginger, and curry. Serve it over sticky Japanese rice for a one-bowl meal, or accompany it with a fresh salad or pickled vegetables…

Japanese Curry Roux

This recipe calls for Japanese brick curry, which can typically be found at most grocery stores or specialty Asian grocery stores. It’s very easy to use — simply add it to your dish for that delicious curry flavor. These bricks are available in a hot, medium, or mild options.

Japanese Curry Vs Indian Or Thai Curry

You may be curious to know how Japanese curry is different from Indian curry. This classic Japanese food is thicker and has a milder flavor than other types, and is often made with curry roux or a curry sauce mix, as mentioned above. Many Indian and Thai curries are made with coconut milk and curry powder and other spices, instead of a curry brick.

Many Japanese curries occasionally incorporate other ingredients such as Worcestershire sauce, soy sauce, or tomato paste to deepen the flavor, but you can always opt to omit them, as this recipe suggests.


Bread your pork: Breaded pork cutlets with curry sauce is very popular among Japanese cuisine. To try this option, coat your pork in panko breadcrumbs and fry it, before slathering in curry sauce and combining with the vegetables.

Serve over noodles instead of rice: If you don’t like rice, you can top udon noodles, soba noodles, or rice noodles with your curry. Add a splash of soy sauce to for a bit of umami flavor to your bowl.


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