Do These 10 Things To Increase Endurance While Running

Many runners get frustrated by their inability to build endurance for long distances like a half marathon or even a full marathon. If you feel as if you have hit a plateau and are having a difficult time pushing your limits, these are eleven things that you can do to go farther, go faster, and make it over the finish line.

1. Gradual Adaptation is key

Although it sounds like a super fancy term, gradual adaptation means that you are patient and slowly build mileage over time. The key is to go slowly, but also to keep up with it. The slow progression will ensure that you aren’t pushing yourself to the point of self-sabotaging. And it also helps to build strength and mileage over time. If you try to increase your mileage too quickly, you run the risk of overtraining, which is the number one hurdle to achieving your longer mileage goals.

2. Run Long and Slow

As hard as it is for most runners to slow it down, to build endurance it might be essential. To increase your stamina try to focus on “effort-based training,” which means that you run at about 80% of the speed you normally do, but that you go for longer runs.

If you slow things down, you will have the energy reserves to make it longer distances. You also will minimize the likelihood that you will overtrain leading to an injury. To find out what your endurance building pace should be, take the average time that it takes you to run a mile. Then convert that to a race pace by multiplying that pace by 1.25.


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