Chicken Tikka Recipe Air fryer and Oven

Chicken tikka is a delightful Indian appetizer that is served in restaurants. It is spicy and healthy where marinated chicken is cooked in Air fryer, oven or grill.

It is loaded with flavor and incredibly succulent. It is served with a green mint yogurt dip along with onion slivers and lemon wedges.

It is a perfect appetizer for your party or on weekends at home.

This is a favorite with the folks at home. It tastes just like the restaurant kind but is moister and more delicious.

What is Chicken Tikka?

Tandoori chicken tikka is a very popular Indian appetizer where pieces of cubed boneless chicken are marinated in a spiced yogurt marinade and then grilled over charcoal in a tandoor or clay oven (traditionally).

It is spicy and truly delicious. To replicate the tandoor flavour, one can grill, barbecue, bake in oven or Air fry to get the same authentic chicken tikka taste.

You can replicate the smoky taste of the tandoor by getting a nice char on your grilled chicken.

Air fryer chicken tikka cubes with lemon wedges and onion rings.

How to Make the Perfect Tikka

1. The success of a good kebab is in chicken tikka marinade. You must marinate in a thick yogurt spice marinade preferably overnight.

This makes the chicken tender and also flavourful. Then grilling it makes it really succulent and tasty.

2. Always dry the chicken breasts before you start adding the marinade.

Adding a little oil to the marinade helps keep the tikka moist.

3. Using a thick yogurt and chickpea flour helps adhere the marinade well to the tikka when cooking.

4. I serve these tikka as is or in wraps with fresh veggies or with a side of pulao.

5. Sprinkle lemon juice and chaat masala when serving to make them even tastier.

6. You can follow the same recipe with chicken thighs or legs. The cooking time will go up though.

7. I also use the leftover marinade to dip peppers and onions and grill them. They make for excellent accompaniments.

8. Mint yogurt chutney goes very well with these tikkas.


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